Our Sunrooms are built with aluminium alloy, aligned with NZ Building Standards

Thermal Installation

Be warmer in winter and cooler during summertime, to bring maximum comfort

All Weather Suitability

Our Sunrooms are designed for all NZ weather conditions

A sunroom is an enclosed space with a glass roof and surroundings that is attached to the exterior of your house. Bringing in maximum sunlight to your home. A sunroom can be used as a place where you can lounge or dine with guests while enjoying the views of nature. It can be used as a play area, or as an office space. If your home needs a bit more space then a sunroom is just the right space for you.

Rangi’s team of experts provide you with cost-effective design solutions tailored to suit your needs. We have a team of professional construction workers with years of experience installing sunrooms and canopies. All our structures are built from aluminium alloy and materials in line with NZ building standards.

  • Sunrooms are treated with special waterproofing to help protect them and the rest of your house
  • Designed to be noise-resistant with thermal insulation for maximum comfort
  • The wind resistance of the doors and windows is 3 times stronger than those used in standard buildings

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Rangi can manage the entire project, from the production of safety glass doors and windows and laying the foundations of the room, right through to the installation of the frame. The laying of the ground and electric lights can be completed by Rangi’s qualified electricians to help save on construction costs.

Contact us on 09 826 5288 to have a chat with our team or visit us in our office at 25 Stock St, New Lynn, 0600

Sunroom is also referred to as sun porch and conservatories. Getting a sunroom is a great investment, it adds value to your home and improves your quality of life. Reimagine your outdoor space with Rangi.