Rangi uses top quality materials which are designed specifically for the environment and climate here in New Zealand. They also have great wind resistance. The aluminium alloy columns are strengthened with support beams and double ribs inside. Our roofing panels are 3 mm thick and with UV protection on both sides. Our raw materials are sourced from the trusted German Bayer Company. We have multiple glass options to choose from, with double glazing and insulated glazing available. Connectors are built from aluminium alloy, and fasteners are built with high quality stainless steel.

If you purchase a DIY package from us, we can provide a detailed installation manual. On-site guidance by our professional installers is also available for an additional charge. Contact us today to find out more about our materials for your home.

PC Panels for Roofing

Rangi’s polycarbonate (PC) panels allow for beautiful diffused light inside your outdoor space. They’re coated on both sides with UV protection material. Our panels won’t fade or turn yellow after exposure to UV light, continuing to look awesome for years after the initial installation. They let lots of light in to keep your space illuminated while protecting you and your family from harmful UV rays. The impact strength of our panels is 250-300 times stronger than normal glass. Polycarbonate is actually used as the main material in bulletproof glass! It is also fire resistant and won’t warp or melt in high temperatures. Acoustic insulation reduces the noise of rain and hail for a quiet, comfortable experience. Call us to chat to our team about PC panels today.